Rekeying A Lock: All You Should Know

Image of a key in a keyhole

Locks are everywhere. From residential to commercial properties, personal to public areas, locking systems help keep your personal belongings from getting into the wrong hands. Because locks come in different brands and styles, replacing the entire system can be costly and time-consuming, especially if more than one unit must be replaced. Rather than change the…

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Australia’s Best Smartlock – ENTR

An image of a family with an ENTR smart lock

ENTR’s Keyless Access Technology We are proud to announce that DG Locksmith is now an authorised Mul-T-Lock dealer. Mul-T-Lock is a leading smart lock provider whose ENTR Smart Door Lock is the intelligent locking solution you’ve been waiting for. When you opt for an ENTR security system, you can rest assured that you are choosing a high-quality…

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Car Key Programming

car key programming

Types of Car Keys That Need Programming The recent and lasting trend in automotive locking technology has been the advancement of remote and chip driven car keys. While these keys are an improvement upon their purely mechanical predecessors they come with their own sets of difficulties. Keys with a door lock remote, transponder keys, and…

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Everything You Need To Know About Smart Locks!

smart lock icon

What is a Smart Lock? A smart lock is an electronic locking device which uses an electronic key or even a biometric lock as opposed to a traditional keying system. Are There Specific Length Requirements For Setting a Password? While in some models the password requires between four and ten characters, it is most common…

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Types of Door Locks

types of door lock

What Type of Lock is Best For a Front Door? Often the front door of your home is the one which can experience the most traffic, meaning it needs a level of convenience that will allow for easy use while still remaining secure and protected from intrusion. While smart locks can often provide the best…

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Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint lock image

What is a Fingerprint Lock? A fingerprint door lock system is a method of smart lock technology which scans your fingertips and converts the information into a secure access code. That code is then inputted into the memory of the lock, which will only open when the very same fingertip is scanned again. The entire…

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