Automotive Locksmith Brisbane

automotive locksmith Brisbane

Every car owner has faced issues with their car keys at least once. Whether you’re on your way to work or out on the town, discovering you’re locked out of your car or your ignition’s not responding can be a complicated situation.

But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be.

Car key not working? Try these cool little tricks!

1. Check the key fob battery

The most common problems with keyless fobs is that the battery dies after a while. If the cause of the issue is an old battery, simply replace it, install a new battery, and you’ll be good to go in no time.

2. Check the inside of your key fob

Do you remember the time when your car keys just slipped out of your hands and dropped to the floor? It’s okay, it happens. However, without realising it, you may have caused some buttons to disalign and move around.

In this case, take your key fob apart and check for broken contacts or misaligned buttons. Put everything back and place, and voilà, you will now access your car.

3. Reprogram your car remote

In order for your car to start, your key sends a signal to the receiver unit when you insert it in the ignition. But sometimes, there might a disconnect between the receiver and the key, resulting in your car not starting. To solve this problem, you have to sync your car’s receiver unit with your car key again.

Some vehicles come with clear manual instructions that guide you through this problem, but others might not. Check the maker and model of your vehicle to learn more about reprogramming your car remote.

If you’ve attempted all these DIY methods to no avail, it might be time to contact a professional to help you out.

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Our Automotive Services Include

Car Key Services

  • Key cutting
  • Key repair
  • Key copying and duplication
  • Stolen car key deactivation

Available for all cars & makes

Car Key Programming

  • Key programming
  • Key remote programming
  • EEPROM programming
  • Diagnostic programming

Available for all car models & makes

Key Chip

  • Key chip programming
  • Chip cloning and chip copy
  • Chip resetting

Available for all cars & makes

Transponder Key

  • Transponder key creation
  • Transponder programming
  • Transponder cloning & copying
  • Transponder repair

Available for most car models & makes

Ignition Services

  • Key stuck in ignition
  • Key not turning in ignition
  • Ignition repair
  • Ignition replacement

Available for most car models & makes


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