Car Ignition Lock Repair

Some auto repairs are minor and easy to fix. Others, like ignition repair, however, require a professional auto locksmith service. If you’re a vehicle Broken ignition switches often give warning signs before they stop working altogether. Recognizing the early signs of a damaged ignition switch before it becomes a serious issue will save you time, money, and a lot of stress later on.

What Causes Ignition Lock Problems?

The ignition is the mechanism in the steering column where the key is inserted and turned to start the engine. The ignition switch is an important part because it activates the electrical components to start your engine. The inside of the ignition switch is made primarily of metal. There are several reasons why the ignition switch breaks including:

  • The metal parts inside the ignition switch wear down and corrode over time
  • Heavy keys or key chains add excess wear and tear and damage the tumblers
  • Extremely humid or cold temperatures damage the interior parts
  • Inside coils, wires, and connections break
  • Manufacturer defect

Although it is not a common problem, a stuck ignition can be very stressful and inconvenient. Calling an ignition repair company instead of taking your auto to a dealer is more cost-effective and far less stressful.

Bad Ignition Switch Symptoms

Sticky ignition switches come with warning signs before they stop working completely. Rather than wait till the problem escalates, recognizing early signs of a worn ignition switch will save you the unwanted hassle down the road. Some signs that your ignition switch is corroding include:

  • Car key not turning in the ignition
  • Car key is stuck in ignition
  • Your vehicle will not start or stalls when it is running
  • Dashboard lights flicker
  • Starter motor is silent

You can resolve some minor issues with your sticky ignition switch yourself or call a service professional to fix your vehicle at your location. You may also get more information

Car Ignition Locked?

If your car ignition is locked, there are some easy do-it-yourself steps you can take to unlock your ignition switch. First, check the key for any warps, cracks, or stuck-on debris. If the key is the issue, replace it. If the key is not the issue, ignition sprays can be used to clean and lubricate inside the ignition switch. Follow the instructions on the cannister to make sure you are using the sprays safely and properly.

How to Remove the Ignition Cylinder When the Key Won’t Turn

Some ignition issues are the result of a damaged or worn cylinder. An ignition lock cylinder repair is more affordable and easier to fix. Replacing the cylinder before it becomes too problematic can prevent further damage later on. Tumbler repair and replacement kits are available at many auto retail outlets. They come with all the instructions, tools, and parts you will need to fix the ignition switch. With a little mechanical know-how, you can remove the damaged ignition tumbler and install a new one.

Car Key Is Stuck in the Ignition Lock

Getting your key stuck in the ignition can happen for different reasons such as:

  • Damaged ignition cylinder
  • Worn or damaged key
  • Dead battery
  • Car is not in gear
  • Steering wheel is locked
  • Inserted the wrong key
  • Manufacturer recall

How to Fix an Ignition Switch in a Car

Whatever the reason, removing the stuck key forcefully can cause further damage. To remove a key that is stuck in the ignition, first, try to find the reason why.

  1. Try unlocking the steering wheel or putting the car in park.
  2. Ignition lubricating sprays can help if there is damage or debris to the key or cylinder.
  3. Key extracting tools can also be used like tweezers or needle-nose pliers. If you cannot get the key out, or if the key breaks, call a professional roadside service company or locksmith.

A broken ignition switch is not only a major inconvenience but can add extra stress to your day. Often, the ignition switch will give some warnings of corrosion before it stops turning completely. Early detection will save you financially because the earlier a sticking switch is caught, the less expensive it is to fix.

Depending on the make, year, and model of your vehicle, you can learn how to fix the ignition switch yourself. There are many online tutorials and ignition repair kits to show you how to remove an ignition lock. If you cannot fix the problem, calling a roadside service company is more cost and time effective than taking your vehicle to a garage. Most ignition switch repairs can be completed in minutes.