Fingerprint Door Lock

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What is a Fingerprint Lock?

A fingerprint door lock system is a method of smart lock technology which scans your fingertips and converts the information into a secure access code. That code is then inputted into the memory of the lock, which will only open when the very same fingertip is scanned again. The entire scanning process can take a fraction of a second, allowing you to access your office or your home with ease. The best fingerprint locks can provide a type of security which has previously only been possible in science fiction.

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Is a Fingerprint Lock Secure?

What is the difference between a more traditional key or password lock and a fingerprint door lock system? The most significant change is that the method of access is directly connected to the individual who owns the lock itself. There is no longer any need to worry about lost keys or forgotten passwords because the only thing you need is literally at your fingertips. The lock cannot be picked, and the only people who can access that lock are the ones who have had their fingerprints scanned.

Can Fingerprint Locks Break Down?

Like any security system, biometric locks have faults of their own. For example; a lock may fail to recognize a fingerprint that has been scarred or damaged, or it may also fail to function if the lock’s access to power is cut. However, in the fingerprint door lock installation process, a manual key override can help to protect against lockouts.

How Many Fingerprints Can Be Registered on a Biometric Smart Lock?

A fingerprint door lock can hold at least 75 different fingerprints, meaning that for families hoping to secure their home there is no need for concern in providing access to all loved ones.