Everything You Need To Know About Smart Locks!

What is a Smart Lock?

smart lock iconA smart lock is an electronic locking device which uses an electronic key or even a biometric lock as opposed to a traditional keying system.

Are There Specific Length Requirements For Setting a Password?

While in some models the password requires between four and ten characters, it is most common for a password lock to require between six and twelve characters.

If the Batteries Go Flat Can I Still Open the Door?

Even if the batteries to your door smart lock die you will still be able to open it via a mechanical key override. This is to protect against lockouts in the event of a loss of power.

How Do I Know When To Replace The Batteries?

If the batteries in your smart lock are running low the system will either have an indicator light which will flash red or a warning ring to notify you.

How Do I Replace The Battery?

If you open the battery compartment cover and remove the old batteries you will be able to replace them with a set of fresh batteries of the same model.

Can I Adjust The Volume of My Smart Lock?

In many smart locks, the volume control can be found inside of the battery compartment. If the volume control is not inside the battery compartment you can often refer to the user’s manual to find it.

Why Does My Door Not Lock Automatically After Closing?

For your door to lock automatically you have to turn on the automatic locking mode as opposed to the manual mode.

What is Manual Locking Mode?

When set to the manual locking mode the door will not automatically lock once it is closed. This can be useful when expecting guests or running in and out of your home quite frequently.

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